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Büllingen is located in the far east of Belgium (the East Cantons) bordering on Germany. From a linguistic and cultural point of view, the East Cantons are a transition area between Belgium and Germany.


There is a town market every first Tuesday of the month.


In addition, there are also two special markets: the Spring Market (Frühjahrsmarkt 17/06/2017) and Saint Michael’s Market (Michelsmarkt 03/10/2017).


The meadows full of daffodils in the Olef valley in Rocherath.


There are 280km of walking routes signposted and a dense network of bicycle and mountain bike routes in Büllingen and its municipalities.


Tradition and folklore still play a major role here, as does celebrating carnival.


Religious art enthusiasts will also find plenty to their liking here. Büllingen and its municipalities have no fewer than six listed churches and chapels. The many crosses that can be seen along the roads also bear witness to the highly religious nature of the area’s inhabitants.


Rocherath (a municipality that is part of Büllingen) is the highest village (650m) in Belgium.